About Us

Tradition and quality always go together!

The idea was born when three businessmen from Sao Paulo, Brazil, decided to put together a theme inspired by hamburger diners in New Yorkers, the ones typically shaped as trailers or wagons.

The name arose from a combination of pizza with hamburger, where one partner had in mind selling pizza as well. But this idea did not prosper, and in the winter of 1983 was inaugurated Pibus Hamburger.

The menu included generous portioned burgers and desserts that soon were embraced by the love of Brazilians, not only because the size being out of the ordinary, but also the unmistakable delicious taste.

Today, Pibus is managed only by only one of the founding partners, who branded the restaurant as a reference to good service and excellence in quality. The main goal is customer satisfaction, so we make your experience very personal.

In 2011 the store was completely revamped, inside and out, creating a familiar and cozy atmosphere creating an even more unforgettable experience! Come visit Pibus and see for yourself.